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Upgrading to LED Lighting in Your Office

Posted by adventurelightingblog on December 13, 2013

Let’s face it.  LED Technology is the future of lighting.  But there is still a lot of confusion as to which LED Technology is best for indoor applications in particular.  I’m here to shed light on that question.

The Best way to take advantage of LED lighting is to be able to control it.  Fluorescent Lighting is a proven technology, but it doesn’t offer much by means of control.  Sure, you’re able to dim fluorescent ligthing.  But it’s an expensive endeavor that rarely is used.  New Codes are requiring that each space in your typical office building use at least 3 levels of lighting.  On, Off, and somewhere in between.  That can mean, dimming capability, or separate switching so that only 1 of the 2 lamps turn on in a given fixture.

We’ve found that the best way to ensure you’re saving as much money as possible on your energy costs is to use LED Fixtures with dimming capabilities.  And the best way to do that, is with Lithonia Fixtures and nLight Controls.

vtledThis is an example of an LED fixture from Lithonia.  What makes this unique, is when you couple this fixture (or similar fixtures) with nLight Controls.  Each fixture has two RJ45 sockets on the side, where Cat5e cables can be daisy chained between fixtures.

Cat5e Cabling Control

dual RJ45 sockets allow for daisy chained fixtures and controls.

Here’s where things get really cool.  Each fixture needs to be powered by 120/277v, but from there, all the controls are taken over by the Cat5e Cables.  A Cat5e cable is sent to a wall switch, where it’s snapped into place.  (no power needed)  Then, lets say you wanted to add a occupancy sensor in the ceiling, daisy chain a Cat5e cable to the location, then plug that sensor in and BAM, Occ sensor.  Say you had an office or conference room or Cube Farm that is up against a wall of windows.  Take advantage of Daylight Harvesting with another sensor that can be daisy chained into the system.  All the components can talk to each other, All the components can be programmed to dim or turn on with different scenes.  ALL with nothing more than a Cat5e Cable, and a little bit of Lighting Distributor Know-How.

nLight Control Sample Layout

nLight Control Sample Layout

This type of system is perfect for a classroom, an office, or even warehousing.  It’s simple to install and the REBATES from your energy company can be astounding.

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Brian Huff-
Adventure Lighting



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